Rothwell Primary School Aims

At Rothwell Primary, everyone has the potential to be:

A Successful Learner who….

  • Enjoys coming to school.
  • Feels safe, secure and happy.
  • Has a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Is confident and adaptable.
  • Has a firm understanding of basic key skills.
  • Is a life long learner.

A Confident Individual who…..

  • Feels comfortable with themselves.
  • Accepts challenges.
  • Develops a range of strategies to overcome their limitations.
  • Is proud of themselves and their achievements.
  • Feels valued and values others.
  • Is able to develop positive relationships.

A Responsible Citizen who…..

  • Respects themselves, others and their immediate environment.
  • Has an awareness and understanding of themselves as part of our community – local, national and global.
  • Has tolerance, understanding and respect for other people’s cultures, race and beliefs.
  • Contributes to society in a positive way.
  • Shows empathy to others.

Working in partnership with parents, carers and the wider community we will provide:

  • A safe, secure, happy and inclusive environment for everyone to learn.
  • Exciting and enjoyable learning experiences as part of a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.
  • A wide range of enrichment activities.
  • Opportunities for everyone to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Challenge for all.
  • Positive role models who listen, praise, encourage, support and have high expectations.
  • A caring ethos that values everyone for who they are.