Welcome to Early Years


This page will provide some information about the Early Years Foundation Stage at Rothwell Primary School, including staffing, routines, the curriculum and some additional links to helpful resources.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Early Years team via the school office email or telephone. We are keen to continue to build an open and supportive dialogue between home and school.


In all of our classrooms, we will continue to embed our behaviour policy; Respect, Prepared (Ready) and Safe (RPS).


Early Years Staff


Nursery Staff – Miss Callaly (Teacher) and Mrs Moorehead (LSA)


Reception Staff – Mrs Petch (EYFS Leader and Teacher), Miss Robinson (Teacher), Mrs Howden (LSA) and Mrs Kenney (LSA)


General Phase Information

  • Please ensure that your child’s uniform, coat, lunchbox (if needed) and water bottle are clearly labelled.Named water bottles should be in school daily.
  • Children in the Early Years play outside in all weathers. For sunny days, they will need a sun hat. Sun cream can be applied before your child comes to school. These can be brought in a bag which is left at school in the cloakroom until needed.
  • Children in the Early Years have lots of opportunities for Movement Play throughout the week. They do not need specific clothing for this. PE for Reception Class will be on Fridays.Children are to come into school in their full PE kit on this day only. Please make sure that they have on suitable PE kit for the weather as we will usually be outside. Please also ensure that long hair is tied up and earrings are either removed or covered up on P.E. days. 
  • Tapestry Journal is a key form of communication between home and school. School will send learning updates and information via Tapestry. Parents and carers can share observations and messages/questions also.
  • Please note we are aNUT FREE SCHOOL, so children cannot bring any nut products to school in their packed lunches. We appreciate your co-operation with this.  


Autumn Term 2021


Our key texts in Nursery are: The Colour Monster, Dear Zoo, Leaf Man, Peace at Last and Dear Santa


Our key texts in Reception: The Colour Monster, Owl Babies, We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt, Funny Bones and Stick Man.


Spring Term 2021


Our key texts in Nursery are: You Choose, Brown Bear Brown Bear, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Polar Bear Polar Bear, Look After Us, Handa’s Hen and The Pig’s Egg.


Our key texts in Reception: You Choose (Fairy Tales), Brown Paper Bear, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Emperor’s Egg, Clean Up, A Tadpole’s Promise and We’re Going on an Egg Hunt.


Summer Term 2021


Our key texts in Nursery are: Jasper’s Beanstalk, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eat up Gemma, The Gingerbread Man, Old Macdonald had a Farm and Whatever Next.


Our key texts in Reception: The Enormous Turnip, The Bad Tempered Ladybird, Handa’s Surprise, The Little Red Hen, What the Ladybird Heard and Look Up!



Phonics and Reading


  • In Nursery Class, children learn the foundations for phonics. They listen to high-quality stories and poems, learn a range of nursery rhymes and action rhymes, take part in activities that develop focused listening and attention, including oral blending. Children will bring home books from our school library to share with an adult at home.
  • In Reception Class, children begin to learn the phoneme and grapheme correspondences from the very start of Reception Class. They quickly learn to orally blend and segment before they apply these skills to written words and sentences. Children will read a specific reading book three times across the week. Each session will focus on a different skill: decoding, prosody and comprehension. They will then bring this book home to read to a grown up. Children will bring home books from our school library to share with an adult at home.


  • In Nursery Class, children learn the foundations for Maths. They learn to sort, match and make patterns. They begin to subitise (recognise an amount without counting). They learn to recognise and understand the numbers to 5. They can name simple shapes.
  • In Reception Class, children gain a deep understanding of the numbers to 10. They develop number fluency through the NCETM Mastering Number programme. They learn to add, subtract and spot patterns in number. Alongside this we use the White Rose Maths scheme to further develop our mathematical understanding. They name and describe 2D and 3D shapes, and use them to explore pattern making.


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate contact us.

Mrs Petch, Miss Robinson and Miss Callaly


Nursery Times :-

Full days  Monday. Tuesday Start time 8.40am  Finish time 3.00pm and Wednesday morning 8.40am – 11.05am

Wednesday 12.40pm – 3pm and Thursday , Friday full days  Start time 8.40am – Finish time  3.00pm

Children stay for lunch Mon/Tues/Thurs/ Fri and have the option of a school dinner or a packed lunch provided from home. Please note Nursery dinner money must be paid on Parentpay.

Please see the admission information in the general guidance section of our website . Here you find our Nursery policy and application form.


Nursery Autumn 1 Curriculum Map

Nursery Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

Nursery Spring 1 Curriculum Map

Nursery Spring 2 Curriculum Map

Nursery Summer 1 Curriculum Map

Nursery Summer 2 Curriculum Map


Spring Term 2021

Easter egg design competition winners

Edan                                                                           Ruby
  World Book Day
Our nursery children had a wonderful time celebrating world book day. We shared lots of stories, role played as our characters and used a Venn diagram to sort ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’!


Autumn activities

Outdoor Learning

Playing outdoors gives us the ability to learn about the world around us through first hand experiences


Nursery children enjoy activities that enable them to develop skills across the curriculum. Here are some photographs of our successful artists, geographers and mathematicians!


We observed baby chicks hatching from the egg. First of all they arrived from the farm in an incubator, we watched the ‘pipping’ process as they slowly immersed from the egg. Then we cared for them for 2 weeks! Finally, once they were strong enough, we were able to feel their soft feathers as we held them gently. Alongside this, we read the story Handa’s Hen and explored which other creatures laid eggs. A wonderful experience for our children as they settle into Nursery life. 


Nursery have been working scientifically and noticing seasonal changes. We are focusing our ‘ growing’ topic around the story ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ and we have already made links to so many different stories. We are retelling then innovating and changing the ending of the story using our Talk 4 Writing actions 📖



Nursery children celebrate World book day

The Nursery Bedtime Story
Wow! Thank you to all of the parents and children who attended our spring time Nursery bedtime story event to enjoy lots of book related fun.

Nursery have been making pancakes to mark Shrove Tuesday. They were so sensible, weighing out and mixing the ingredients before squeezing lemons 🍋 for the toppings. They were then able to sample these and even made some for the lovely ladies in the office 🥰 🥞 🍳


Welly Walk

Nursery children enjoy welly walks in all weathers!


Nursery nativity

This week Nursery children have had their very first experience of performing on the school stage. They sang traditional carols to a large audience, they were loud and extremely proud! Well done everyone. 



   Remembrance Day

Nursery children enjoyed a range of poppy themed activities on Remembrance Day including mixing colours and painting poppies on our outdoor easel, making poppies in our dough and making biscuits. We did a fantastic job managing our behaviour during the 2 minute silence.