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Spring Term 2021

Growing Sunflowers (Seeds of Hope with Morrisons)

Easter week in Reception class

Well Done to our Easter Egg design winners.

Cece                                                                        Poppy B




 Autumn 2020-2021

Today Reception Class enjoyed celebrating Diwali. We made rangoli patterns, decorated mendhi hands, dressed up in Indian clothes and made paper diva lamps. 


Today Reception Class painted poppies for Remembrance Day.



It’s Bonfire Night! We created a large-scale firework picture by printing. We made some safe sparklers by threading small beads. We made some small firework pictures by printing with  bubble wrap and splattering paint!

Some of our amazing sign writing!

Yesterday we made a house made of straw, sticks and bricks.

It has been an exciting day in Reception Class! We discovered this morning that our straw, stick and brick house had been knocked down in the night. We asked Steve the caretaker to have a look on the CCTV cameras and this is what he discovered – a wolf in the playground! We found lots of clues that a wolf had been in our playground. There were big, muddy paw prints on the floor, fur on our climbing frame and scratch marks on the tyres.  We decided that we needed to rebuild the houses and write some warning signs to tell the wolf to keep away. We even built a trap to catch the wolf in case he decides to come back but Mrs Rothenburg said our writing was so AMAZING that the wolf definitely won’t come back to our playground again.

The Pumpkin Shop is busy this week. Children have been describing the pumpkins as small, medium, large, heavy or light. They then had to pay the correct number of coins (conkers) for each pumpkin.




Curriculum 2019-2020

Reception Autumn 1 Curriculum Map

Reception Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

Reception Spring 1 Curriculum Map

Reception Spring 2 Curriculum Map

Reception Summer 1 Curriculum Map

Reception Summer 2 Curriculum Map