Why is attendance important?

Evidence shows that excellent attendance is key for ensuring positive outcomes for
children and young people. Missing lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling
behind and achieving poorer outcomes at both primary and secondary level.


Please click below to read the Rothwell Primary School Attendance and Punctuality policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Each week the attendance of each class will be posted on the website.  

This weeks attendance

W/E 19th April 2019            

Rec Miss Callally 91.3%
Rec Mrs Petch 94.0%
Yr1 87.5%
Yr1/2 89.7%
Yr2 96.1%
Yr3 95.8%
Yr3/4 95.0%
Yr4 96.0%
Yr5 97.5%
Yr5/6 100%
Yr6 99.1%