Home Learning

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Foundation Stage

The main homework in Reception Class is reading. Parents and carers reading with their child for ten minutes on a daily basis is crucial to a child’s early learning and development. Alongside this each child has a learning log which is sent out at least once every half term. There is no official homework in Nursery Class but parents and carers are encouraged to read stories and sing rhymes with their child.

Key Stage one


Children are expected to read at home at least four times a week, this should be recorded in their planners and will be checked by a member of staff weekly. Reading homework is linked to our reading challenge, if children read four times a week at home they will receive a reward at the end of half term.


Children are expected to learn a spelling rule or phonics sound each week at home, this will be linked to their phonics sessions in class. They will also receive a list of common exception to learn each week. There will be a spelling test each Friday, the children’s scores will be recorded in their planner. Children will receive three team points for full marks.

Learning Log

Learning log activities will be sent out at the beginning of each new topic. There will be nine activities to choose from. Children are expected to choose and complete at least three activities during the topic. Once each activity is completed children can bring it to school to share with the class before taking it home to complete the next activity.

Test Papers

During the spring term year 2 children will begin to complete practice SAT papers once we have collected the data from these to identify the areas that children need more support with, we will send this home for you to support your child with revising and correcting their work. We do not expect these to be returned to school however if you have any questions about these or would like some advice about how best to support your child, please talk to your child’s class teacher.

Lower Key Stage two

Learning Log

This is linked to the topic the children have been learning about in school.

Quality own work is preferred to internet pages that children can not fully understand.


Weekly spellings will be given out and will follow a spelling pattern or rule. In addition, some HFWs (High Frequency Words) will be tested.

Please practise spellings with your child. Children will need to understand the word in the context of a sentence and part of the learning could include being able to create a sentence using the spelling word.

Spellings will usually be tested on Thursdays.

Times tables

By the end of Year 2, your child should know their 2, 5, 10 x table and the division facts linked to this. eg 2 x 10 = 20 and 20 ÷ 10 = 2

By the end of Year 3, they should also know their 3, 4, 8 x table and the division facts.

Upper Key Stage two

Year 5/6 Homework

Learning log
A learning log is set at the start of the half term which allows children to choose to complete tasks related to their topic. Children are given around four weeks to complete at least three tasks.

We expect regular reading from children in 5/6 which should be recorded in children’s school planners.

There is a real emphasis on learning times tables and teachers will also set homework when they feel necessary. This could also be in the form of mathletics.

Children will be given spelling homework at the beginning of each half term. It is then their responsibility to learn the ten spellings that are broken down into each week. At the end of the half term each child will take part in the spelling bee competition which is based on the spellings they have been given over the half term.