Rothwell Primary School Governing Body

(July 2018)

Chair Pauline Walker

Vice Chair Jo Bentley


The constitution of the governing body is:

  • Headteacher – Leila Rothenburg
  • 1 x Local Authority (LA) governor, recommended by the LA and approved by the governing body – Pauline Walker
  • 2 parent governors, formally elected through a ballot of parents unless the election is uncontested – Angela Walker and Andrew Ellis
  • 8 co-opted governors, nominated and appointed by the governing body – Robert Seymour, Patricia Rose, Jo Bentley, Laura Beane, Rhonda Mitchell, Katie Green, Paul Rothwell, Lucy Driver and Andy West,
  • 1 staff governor, formally elected by staff employed at school – Jenna Callaly


The governing body operates with the following committees:

  • Resources committee (including Pay Review) – responsible for staffing including the appointment and role of the SENCO, equality and diversity, finance, property management.

Committee chair: Patricia Rose

Committee members: Pauline Walker, Andrew Ellis, Andy West, Paul Rothwell and the Headteacher


  • Teaching and Learning committee – responsible for teaching and learning matters including target setting, standards and achievement, SEN (including reporting annually on the success of the SEN policy),  Pupil Premium, monitoring teaching and learning and curriculum provision and ensuring that the governing body is represented at school improvement discussions.

Committee chair: Jo Bentley

Committee members: Pauline Walker, Robert Seymour, Laura Beane, Patricia Rose and the Headteacher


  • Pupil Support committee – responsible for behaviour, attendance, children’s spiritual moral social and cultural development, links to healthy schools. Also includes children (school council), parent and staff voice, extra-curricular activities, cluster and other partnerships.

Committee chair: Angela Walker

Committee members: Pauline Walker, Katie Green, Rhonda Mitchell, Lucy Driver and the Headteacher.


  • Pay committee – responsible for hearing pay appeals. Matters are dealt with by the Resources committee


  • Appeals committee – responsible for hearing appeals and ensuring a fair and proper process has been followed.

Committee members: Angela Walker, Robert Seymour and Laura Beane



Governor Responsibilities

  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) – Katie Green
  • Safeguarding, Looked After Children and Child Protection – Rhonda Mitchell
  • Attendance – Angela Walker
  • Pupil Premium –  Paul Rothwell
  • PE Sports Premium –  Andy West
  • Health and Safety – Andy West
  • Equalities and Inclusion – Pauline Walker
  • Training – Pauline Walker and Jenna Callaly
  • EYFS – Jo Bentley and Andrew Ellis
  • Literacy – Pauline Walker, Jo Bentley and Patricia Rose
  • Maths – Robert Seymour and Laura Beane
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) – Pupil Support committee




The following is an attendance record for individual governors at meetings of the full governing body.

Y – in attendance
N – not in attendance and no apologies received/accepted
A – apologies received and accepted
X – not in post/not a member
Full Governing Body Meetings


Full Gov Body 20/09/17 Full Gov Body


Full Gov Body


Gov Body

Strategy Day


Full Gov Body


Mrs Pauline Walker Y Y Y Y A
Dr Jo Bentley A Y Y Y Y
Mr Robert Seymour Y Y Y Y Y
Ms Patricia Rose Y Y Y Y Y
Mr Andrew Ellis Y Y Y A Y
Ms Angela Walker Y A Y Y Y
Ms Jenna Callaly X X Y A Y
Ms Laura Beane Y A Y Y Y
Ms Rhonda Mitchell Y A Y Y Y
Mr Andrew West Y Y A Y A
Ms Katie Green X X A Y Y
Mr Paul Rothwell X X X X Y
Mrs Leila Rothenberg Y Y Y Y Y


Current and recent (in the last 12 months) governors and business/other interests declared are provided in the table below. Governors and associate members, if appointed, are reminded that they should declare any changes as and when they occur.



Name of governor Category of governor and committees served Date appointed and term of office Relevant business/personal interests Any other educational establishment governed Relationship with the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives
Mrs Pauline Walker Chair of governors
LA governor
Resources, Pupil Support and Teaching and Learning committees
None None None
Dr Jo Bentley Vice-chair of governors
Co-opted governor
Pupil Support and Teaching and Learning committees
None None None
Mr Robert Seymour Co-opted governor
Pupil Support and Teaching and Learning committees
None Also a governor at Royds School None
Ms Patricia Rose Co-opted governor
Resources and Teaching and Learning committees
None None None
Ms Katie Green Co-opted governor

Pupil Support committee SEND governor

From Mar 2018 None None None
Mr Andrew Ellis Parent governor
Resources committee
None None None
Ms Angela Walker Parent governor
Pupil support committee
None None None
Ms Jenna Callaly Staff governor From May 2018 None None None
Ms Laura Beane Co-opted governor
Teaching and Learning committee
None None None
Ms Rhonda Mitchell Parent governor
Pupil support committee
From Oct 2016 None None None
Mr Andy West Co-opted governor
Resources committee
From Oct 2016 None None None

Mr Paul Rothwell

Co-opted governor – resources committee – Pupil Premium governor From Sept 2018 None None None

Meet the Governors

Governing body 2018/19