Headteachers Welcome

Rothwell Primary School Vision and Values

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit the Rothwell Primary School website.

My name is Mrs Rothenburg and I am proud to be the headteacher of this wonderful school.

At Rothwell Primary school we provide a caring, positive culture to enable all of our children to thrive and REACH their potential.

At the heart of our school is the commitment and belief by every member of staff that every child is entitled to the very best education and support, and our primary role is to be a relentless champion for all of our children.

We are passionate about providing our children with a curriculum for life. This is underpinned by the two most important aspects: children’s academic achievement and their personal and social development. We are proud to be a school that places our children at the heart of the decisions we make.

Our school motto and values thread through all that we do.

This is at the heart of our beliefs and represents the importance of all members of our school community: children, staff, Governors, parents, the wider community and agencies working together to ensure the best life chances for our children.

Our school logo is encompassed within a cog; this is to show the commitment to our own personal development and embedding reflective practice. As role models for the children, we are committed to developing ourselves to  ‘Be the best we can be!’ in order to best support and enable our children to be the best that they can be. As a fully inclusive school, we believe that all children deserve the highest quality teaching, support and care and we are all committed to ensuring this happens.

We are very proud of the academic success our pupils achieve and the excellent progress they make, enabling them to feel confident and well equipped in the next stage of their journey and beyond.

We foster a love of learning by offering a stimulating curriculum, which has been carefully designed by subject leaders to build key concepts and knowledge threads carefully structured to provide the best for an interleaved approach, enabling revisits throughout to help our children to build a schema in their learning. Throughout our curriculum we encourage learners to take responsibility for their learning and apply their metacognitive skills in a range of contexts to deepen their understanding.

At Rothwell Primary School we are passionate about providing the appropriate support and challenge to ensure all learners are able to thrive academically and emotionally. We recognise, in order for our children to be happy and successful, their social, emotional and mental well-being is vitally important and this threads into our values, ethos and culture and is embedded throughout our curriculum. H in reach is for Healthy body and healthy minds

Our incredible pastoral team provide a vast range of support for both children and families and are a real strength of our school.

We are passionate about creating a wealth of opportunities for visits, visitors and experiences to help ensure excellent opportunities for all children, to embed deeper learning; making connections to previous learning explicit and to enable them to make life long memories.

We share and celebrate the successes of our pupils and offer a wide range of additional opportunities in order for ALL children to find something special in which they excel and feel proud.

Here at Rothwell Primary School, we are very fortunate to have so many, positive, pro-active and supportive parents and carers who work with the school in partnership, to enhance the wonderful opportunities for their children. This partnership promotes, enjoyment, academic achievement and positive well-being. We also have a fantastic PTA, they work hard to enable our children to have additional experiences and opportunities.

We are also part of the Rothwell Alliance, Rothwell Family of Schools an St Anthony’s Teaching School. These partnerships with other schools enable us to work closely around sharing training, good practice and support within our schools.

At Rothwell Primary school we are driven knowing that we make a huge difference to our wonderful children, families and to each other, every day.