Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor


I would like to make a warm welcome to you all. I would firstly like to take this time to introduce myself in my position as the Learning Mentor at Rothwell Primary.

I am a firm believer of a supporting and nurturing culture, working as a team to help children achieve their full potential and have a positive experience throughout their educational journey. My role in school aims to support children to overcome potential barriers to their learning and equipped them with social and emotional skills with the aid of supporting children through any difficulties that may arise during their progression in school.

I also work with other staff within the school, parents/ carers and external professionals/ agencies to provide a supportive plan to meet the needs of children at the school. I provide an opening, empathetic and respectful environment for children, supporting where possible by listening to their feelings, wishes and any concerns helping to provide appropriate advice and to help support their self- esteem and confidence of their abilities and achievements . Alongside with a wonderful staff team I run one to one and group sessions to help aim and meet children’s varied social and emotional needs.

An important note to parents and carers. I am more than happy to meet with yourselves to discuss any concerns you may have to help support and explore best possible solutions where possible whether this be in person or a telephone call. This may be after breakfast club on a morning, through the school day or after school. If you would like to meet/ speak with myself, please do not hesitate to make contact through the schools number or admin@rothwell-pri.leeds.sch.uk. I am here to listen, provide a helping hand, and provide a non- judgemental welcome and attitude. If I am unavailable under any circumstances I will ensure I will make contact to return any enquiries as soon as I can.

Any discussions may be for myself to help support around attendance/ punctuality, behavioural concerns, social, emotional and overall wellbeing needs and issues that may have an impact on a child’s learning.

Thank you for taking the time to read my welcome.

Take care

Miss L Robinson