School Council

School Council 

Children in Need 

Children in Need is in full swing today. With spots, yellow and other bright coloured clothes. Thank you for your contributions. The amount raised was £518.33


Over the past few weeks we have been meeting regularly on a Monday afternoon. Our aim this half term has been to look and revise the lunchbox policy and focus on healthy eating. School Council members have come up with fantastic ideas and alternative ways in regards to lunch times.
Monday 19th March 2018 School council members are giving an assembly on healthy eating to showcase what we have been discussing within our meetings.
We have plans in place to have treat Friday and hopefully the assembly will encourage children to bring and pick healthier options depending whether they are on dinners or packed lunches.

Thursday 22nd March  is Sports Relief, all members of School Council decided on the activities we are going to complete for Charity. Unfortunately a popular choice was ‘gunge the teachers’, 3 lucky teachers will be nominated to have a combination of disgusting ingredients poured over them for a small fee of 50p that will be given to one of our chosen Charity’s. School Council Members will be helping throughout the day with various different tasks.

Upcoming events: 
Easter Egg Competition – date to be confirmed – details to follow
School Council to design a banner.

A huge thank you to all our School Council Members who have shown dedication and commitment to giving brilliant ideas each meeting to benefit their peers. Fantastic team work!

Speed limit
The speed limit on Stonebrig lane has now been reduced to 20mph.

School council would like you to share your thoughts and also share your ideas with us. If you would like to do so, please speak to a school council member who will pass these on at the school council meeting.

What School Council raised last year!

  • Breast Cancer wear it pink – £243.45
  • Christmas jumper day – £131.19
  • Children In Need – £400.66
  • Enterprise Fair – £500
  • British heart foundation – £274.02
  • Parkinsons UK day – £153
  • Red Nose day – £759.78